Click! The Technological Advantage

Click! Legal Service is the technological leader in service of process

We have invested heavily in the latest and most advanced hardware.

We have worked to develop software solutions that provide transparency of service, industry leading security, and assurance of legally executed service using smartphone applications, tablet-based mobile business management, and double encrypted data storage in the cloud (off-site dedicated servers).

Click! provides unprecedented service powered by mobile technologies

  • Transparency of  legally administered service of process
    • every phase of service from receipt of the job order, to execution of service, through generating proof of service, and electronic court filing is monitored, recorded, and reported to our client/partners as soon as the task is completed.
  • Security of our client/partners’ information and data
    • we use  industry leading double encryption and multiple storage back-up in the cloud.
  • Delivered with speed, accuracy, and efficiency that was previously unavailable in the attorney service industry :: available now only through Click!

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Technology drives all parts of Click! Legal Service

Technology In The Field

  • All Click! servers use either iPhones or Android smartphones to produce time and GPS stamped photos of service locations that are transmitted at the time of service to Click! offices and to our clients through email.
  • This provides transparency to ensure that servers appear at all assigned service locations and that service is legally executed.
  • All Click! mobile devices provide electronic document signing capability, including our management tablets and our servers’ smartphones. This enables Click! to provide legal signatures on all field executed papers.

Technology in the Click! Offices

  • All of Click! business is administered using mobile technology on computing tablets linked to management software and data storage in the cloud,
  • Click! tablets and Click! software electronically transmits and receives all needed documents directly to and directly from servers’ smartphones in PDF form, there is no need for hand delivery of papers–an added efficiency.
  • Click! uses this technology to start jobs immediately upon receipt from our client/partners by electronically delivering documents ready for service in PDF directly to servers already in the field.
  • Click! employs proprietary electronic document signing software on our tablets and on our servers’ smartphones with which servers personally execute their signatures on proofs of service that are recognized as legal in all U.S. courts. Only Click! can assure that all server signatures are legally applied.
  • Click! cloud-based management software administers all the aspects of Click! business in real time.
  • Click! software manages documents, digitized records, tracks all communications with client/partners, and stores all data in the cloud using double-encrypted security.
  • Job starts happen in real-time, Click! puts jobs out for service immediately on receipt from the customer.
  • Job progress is monitored and reported to partner/clients by email at each stage of progress. When service is made or non-service has been attempted, client/partners are notified of the results immediately.
  • All documents are digitized and are electronically delivered.

Click! Technology & Security In The Cloud

  • Click! mobile tablets and our unique cloud-based (which means it originates from off-site multiple remote secure servers), empowers Click! to be “in the office” anywhere and everywhere.
  • Client records and data are password protected at the client portal, at Click! administrator level, and password protected to the cloud.
  • Click! stores all client information, records, and data securely in the cloud.
  • Client information, records, and data are double encrypted at point of origin (Click! tablets), and in secure cloud storage.
  • Client information, records, and data are backed up continually.
  • Backed up records are maintained on multiple servers providing maximum security.